A new name, a new brand,
a complete new concept

The contemporary brand Maan was developed to introduce the whole world to the wide variations of beautiful date flavors. A distinctive design characterizes each package of Maan dates and ensures optimal attention on the store shelf.

Each target group has its own market approach

The concept offers the family brand a sub-brand for the different target groups. For western retail aimed at consumers who are about to discover the possibilities and flavors of dates. There are two additional sub brands for this target group: the Easy Cooking line for fully or partially complete ready-made packages for cooking or baking at home. And the Delicacy line for exclusive date products, such as stuffed dates, chocolate coated dates and special packagings.

The Oriental retail line is aimed at consumers who are much more familiar with dates and date products. And finally, there is the product range for Professionals with bulk dates and all kinds of ingredients (syrup, diced, sugar) in larger compartments

All products available through western retail and are available in the Western world.

Extensive range of high quality dates from different origins.

All products available through western retail and are available in the Western world.

Composite products, Such as date balls or energy bars, date syrup and date sugar.

All products available through western retail and are available in the Western world.

Delicacies, presents, special packaging. Such as stuffed dates, chocolate dates.

All products sold via ethnic retail are available in the western world.

All products. Such as dates and date products.

All products for industry, packers and chefs.

BtoB market, such as ingredients (sugar, paste, syrup) and bulk.

A date will never be just a date again…

The word “Maan” holds significant meaning for us. In Dutch, it translates to “the moon,” while in Arabic, it signifies “together.” These two words are integral to our business philosophy.

The concept of Maan originated one night during a full moon in Tozeur, located in southern Tunisia. It was a profound moment while driving back from one of our palm groves in the desert when the idea was born. It was during this moment that we decided to amalgamate our passion for dates, with their diverse varieties and flavors from different countries, under a single brand.

The fact that “Maan” also conveys “together” in Arabic holds deep significance. The word “together” resonates strongly with us, signifying unity and strength. “Together” represents the idea of not being alone, acknowledging that our collective strength allows us to better understand one another, offer mutual support, share both joyful and sorrowful moments, and ultimately enhance our enjoyment of life through shared experiences.

Quality matters

The highest quality with the greatest possible certainty is only achievable if you can determine the standard at every stage of the process. That is why all dates and date products from Source, picking, production, packaging and transport are taken care of by us. Only then can we promise you the highest quality with high delivery reliability.

Our mission

We, at Maan, with our teams in the United Emirates, Germany, Jordan, Tunesia, Algeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and many other countries, have put together a range of the best dates and date ingredients. We want people to experience small moments of happiness together in a very healthy way when tasting our dates. And for us, this in turn should lead to positive energy.

About us

Moon consists of a team of people with more than 8 nationalities on different continents, We all have a big international experience in the food industry and have been working with dates (from the tree to the consumer) for many years. All dates and date ingredients are selected, processed and produced at the highest quality level (GFSI) in our own factories. We work hand in hand with the farmers and have been able to convince them of our project, in which we pay a fair price and thus enable the farmers to take good care of nature. By influencing the entire chain, we are convinced we can offer one of the largest, most beautiful and tastiest ranges of dates in the world.

World’s finest dates

Ajwa dates

Ajwa dates from Medina in Saudi Arabia are sweet and aromatic with subtle nutty notes. They stand out for their black color and silky texture compared to other dates.

Medjool dates

Medjool dates from Saudi Arabia are long and large and have a light braun color. They are soft and sweet with hints of caramel. They distinguish themselves in their large shape and color, making them a popular choice for snacks and sweet dishes.

Khudri dates

Khudri dates from Saudi Arabia have a mildly sweet taste with chocolate-like undertones. They have a firm texture and less juiciness compared to some other date varieties, making them suitable for various culinary applications, like stuffing them with almonds or pistachio-kernels.

Khalas dates

Khalas dates grow mainly in the Al Ain region in the United Arab Emirates. They are moist and sticky and their size is not very big. They have a hearty flavor and a butter-caramel taste. They are known for their rich flavor and are often considered one of the sweetest date varieties, offering a delightful, soft bite.

Deglet Nour dates

Deglet Nour dates from Tunisia and Algeria are also called the “royal date” or “the illuminated date” and have a fruity taste with a slight sweet-honey taste. Their texture is slightly drier. They are less sticky than some other date varieties, which sets them apart and makes them suitable for healthy snacking and various culinary uses.

Lulu dates

Lulu dates from the United Arab Emirates are known for their dark red color. They are tender and juicy and have a mild sweetness with a slight honey flavor and a delicate texture. They are round and not very large and distinguish themselves with their subtle taste, providing a pleasant balance of sweetness and texture.

Sukkari dates

Sukkari dates from Al Qassim in Saudi Arabia are among the sweetest and softest variety of dates and have a delicious, natural sugary taste. When dried, these dates become chewy and there is even some crunchiness. They have a golden color and can be used in desserts or as stuffed dates with nuts.

Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates from the Bam Region in Iran are medium-sized dates with a dark color. They have a rich, soft, and juicy texture and are called a “fresh” date. They are sweet with subtle hints of fruit and honey. What sets them apart from other dates is their unique softness, along with a creamy mouthfeel.

Sagai dates

Sagai dates have a mild sweetness with notes of honey and a soft, juicy texture with a pleasant mouth experience. Their difference from other dates lies in their subtle taste and more delicate texture, making them suitable for various culinary applications.

Safawi dates

Safawi dates offer a sweet taste experience with notes of caramel and honey. These dates have a soft texture. The difference from other dates lies in their unique complex flavor profile and tendency to be slightly firmer and less juicy with a pleasant bite that is not too sticky. This gives these dates a specific culinary versatility.

Khouat dates

Khouat dates are characterized by a sweet taste with notes of caramel and a soft texture. The softness of their texture adds a pleasant mouthfeel to every bite. The difference with other dates lies in their specific flavor profile and tendency to be slightly firmer, which makes them suitable for eating straight out of hand.

Alig dates

Alig dates are characterized by their long shape, they are soft in appearance and have a particularly good taste. These dates are mahogany colored to dark brown and have a very soft texture. Delicious to eat as a snack, but also very suitable for use in all kinds of dishes.


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